Workshop Tour

Our Workshop

In 2014 Diesel Central began plans to expand its operations into a purpose built facility to handle the increased demand from our customers and further refine our commitment to quality assurance and excellence. Take a quick look at our new workshop below.

Diesel Pump Assembly Room

Isolated from the main workshop is our main fuel room for the strip down and assembly of diesel pumps, Purpose built lighting, stainless steel surfaces and meticulous cleanliness means our technicians can work free from contaminates in a dedicated area.

Test-bench Rooms 1 and 2

Once the pumps are assembled and ready for testing they are moved to one of two test bench rooms. These are cleanrooms and Diesel Central has a positive pressure filtered air system in compliance with accreditation requirements, this keeps positive pressure within the testbench area so that dust cannot enter the room.   Coupled with strict entry requirements this ensures a dust free environment when performing advanced setup and fuel injection diagnosis.

We have 4 test benches that allow us to handle all the major brands of diesel injection pumps for both light and heavy duty applications. When remanufacturing or servicing pumps we test for correct pressure, flow and spray pattern to ensure every pump is within exact specification.

Mechanical Area

The heart of the workshop is our large mechanical area where we perform the assembly and disassembly of customers fuel injection systems and prepare vehicles for tuning and upgrades

Dyno Room

The Dyno room is a separate area with extraction and sound deadening on the outside walls to isolate the noise from the main workshop. Diesel Central commonly do customer ECU mapping and performance Tuning of ZD30 and TD42 Patrols, Landcruiser Performance tuning and Hilux and Ford Ranger ECU remapping