Need Help?

Welcome to the Diesel Central Frequently Asked Questions. If your researching your next vehicle upgrade or simply looking for information regarding our company and what we do then you may find what you are looking for here.

If your looking for information about a specific product that we sell then please check out the product page in the Diesel Central Shop, we try and keep each product updated with all the relevant information, technical data sheets and installation instructions.

Where can I get technical information, installation instructions

In addition to this FAQ please check the additional information page in our shop for each product. We often include technical information or product downloads within the Diesel Central Shop

Can I install fuel injection parts myself

The installation and timing of fuel injection systems requires specialist knowledge and equipment to install correctly. We encourage our customers to have our parts installed by licensed diesel mechanics which also gives the added benefit of a warranty. We may be able to recommend someone in your area, please check our website or Facebook page for more information.

If installed by the end user Diesel Central will warrant its products at its sole discretion only and may reject warranty claims that are a result of improper care or installation.

Will power increases affect my reliability

Increased power can affect the longevity of a motor, how much depends on who installs the upgrades and how the parts are tuned and configured and driven.

We have power upgrades that we would call safe tunes and these same parts can also be tuned for extreme performance that may even require the internals of a motor to be strengthened.

Customers that push or drive their vehicles hard, race or tune for extreme power gains are much more likely to experience reliability issues.

When purchasing upgrade kits the daily driver options have been tested in the field for years with many happy customers enjoying both increased performance and extra power and torque and maintaining reliability.

If your concerned consider having your mechanic check over your motor before installing power upgrades, check your turbo, cylinder compression and consider replacing main bearings etc on high kilometre engines to get the most benefit from the upgrades.


What is the core exchange?

Diesel Central use the fuel pump from existing engines as a base or core to build  many performance pumps like the DC3 or DC6. Normally we have completed pumps in stock and you can send your old pump to us and we will simply supply the newly completed unit off the shelf directly to you without the delay of waiting in line. Diesel Central need your existing pump to replace the item dispatched. If you do not send a core then we will need to charge an additional fee to source a replacement core for you, this makes the outright purchase of our custom built pumps like the DC6 and DC3 more expensive if customer do not send their old pumps.